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Get your car ready for summer with the KUNGS products!
Washing your car regularly protects it from the wearing effects of road dust, salt and sand. A clean car is safe and comfortable to drive. And a properly maintained car retains its value longer.
KUNGS Artic-Is
The German magazine auto motor sport tested together with TÜV south 14 icescrapers.

New products

Aqua-Away, blue 5598
The Aqua-Away wiper is the quickest and easiest way to dry your car!
Cockpit cleaner 5582
The Cockpit cleaner is a smart and versatile tool for cleaning all interior surfaces of a car, such as the dashboard, windshield and other plastic parts and...
Quick Wiper kuivain tuulilasin ja ikkunoiden kosteuden ja huurteen kuivaamiseen.
KUNGS Quick-wiper dries quickly mirrors, side windows and inside of the wind screen.
Star-Wash washing brush 6106
Ergonomic design: 2 different positions guarantee optimal use with or without the shaft. A closing connector in the brush/shaft can be attached to a water hose.