Four reasons why KUNGS-products are an environmentally sound of choice

1. Ecological products

The plastic parts of our products are made from recyclable plastic, and our packaging is mostly made of cardboard. We do not use any PVC in our production, and our raw materials are REACH approved.

2. Product design that takes the environment into consideration.

We analyse and consider the environmental impact of the product’s entire life span in the product development phase. Durable and long-lasting products are an environment-friendly act in themselves.

3 Environmentally friendly production methods

Plastic waste created during production is crushed and reused as recycled raw material. During the winter, our factory is partly heated with waste heat recovered during production.

4. Waste recycling

Our factory separates all waste materials into 17 categories, and waste is primarily delivered for recycling as new raw material or used as energy. It is only as our very last resort that we deliver waste for processing as mixed waste in landfills.